State and Federal Workers' Compensation

State and federal workers' compensation in High Point, NC

State Workers' Compensation Cases

For more than 38 years, James M. Snow has appeared in cases before deputy commissioners and the full commission of the North Carolina Industrial Commission to present workers’ compensation claims for individuals injured by accident or exposed to occupational hazards at private employers, state agencies, school districts and various other non-federal occupations. An individual injured at work faces the risk of loss of occupation, inability to pay bills and the need for lifetime medical care. Often, clients have a variety of problems that require a comprehensive approach. Therefore, James M. Snow doesn't restrict himself to simply solving the compensation claim, he also manages the other needs of the client, including debt counseling, estate planning, disability planning and long-term care needs. Wouldn't you want someone on your side who doesn't just restrict himself to practice in only one area of the law?

Federal Workers' Compensation Cases and DBA cases

James M. Snow is one of only a handful of attorneys in North Carolina who practice federal workers’ compensation (FECA) cases and Defense Base Act (DBA) cases before the United States Department of Labor (DOL) through its Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP). Over the last 25 years, he has represented dozens of federal employees working for the United States Postal Service, Veterans Administration hospitals and other federal agencies. Services provided include: getting a claim accepted; getting a medical condition accepted; getting a medical procedure accepted; advising the client about returning to work; advising the client about vocational rehabilitation; obtaining a schedule award for the client; advising the client about retirement. 
Workers' Compensation in High Point, NC
There are at least three (3) essential things that every prospective client needs to understand about federal workers’ compensation claims: the attorney cannot enter into a contingent fee agreement, only an hourly fee agreement; there is no lump sum permanent settlement for a federal compensation claim; and a schedule award for impairment to a limb of the body will not be paid until the employee is no longer receiving disability benefits or has retired. James M. Snow endeavors to keep the fees as low as practical while providing professional results for your FECA claim.
DBA claims involve injuries to private contractors doing work for the United States either in the United States or in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Medical and wage benefits are often paid by a private insurance company on behalf of the contractor, but these claims are still governed by the DOL, who must approve any permanent settlement. In several such cases, James M. Snow has been able to obtain substantial permanent settlements for clients and even have his fees paid by the insurance company.
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