Other Civil and Administrative Cases

Other civil and administrative cases in High Point, NC

Throughout his years of experience, James M. Snow has handled a variety of civil cases in the district and superior courts of North Carolina. Examples of such cases include: collection matters; debtor-creditor issues; landlord-tenant issues; suits against banks; attachments; garnishments; fire insurance claims; life insurance claims; disability claims; boundary line disputes; suits against contractors; contractor lien claims; product liability claims; premises liability claims; fraud cases; defamation cases; cases involving infliction of emotional distress; and a wide variety of other civil matters. If James M. Snow has not handled a particular civil matter, he will refer you to an attorney with experience in that matter. He cares that you get quality representation.
Many cases involving local and state agencies either involve hearings before those agencies or before an administrative law judge. James M. Snow has appeared before the licensing boards for realtors, contractors, nurses and other professionals. He also regularly handles unemployment claims before the Employment Security Commission for both employees and employers. Finally, he has also handled administrative law cases involving day care licenses, ABC licenses, building permits and a variety of other regulated activities. He will endeavor to assist you with your claim by representing you or finding the right attorney for you.
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