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A Team of Elder Law Attorneys You Can Trust in High Point, NC

When you have legal problems, understanding your situation can be the key to creating a solid case. Our team of elder law  attorneys will take the time not only to assist you in understanding the law, but also to understand your point of view. We believe that most legal problems may be resolved through effective, professional legal representation. While the legal system may be confusing and intimidating, our High Point, NC based team will help you navigate the problems you face with elder law, personal injury, workers' compensation and endeavor to bring about the best possible outcome. When it comes to legal matters, put our legal team on your side!

Because Jame M. Snow has extensive experience in elder law, he has the ability to assist you and your loved ones in unique situations like nursing home neglect or elderly care malpractice.  These situations often prove particularly difficult when you bring them into the legal arena because they involve those who can't defend or care for themselves any longer, so their caretakers take advantage of them.

During this emotional time, you need skilled elder law attorneys like James M. Snow on your side so you and your loved ones get the full restitution you deserve.  He adds elder law to his already solid personal injury expertise because he wants to help as many people recover from harmful situations as possible.  If you live in High Point, NC or the surrounding areas, he will proudly defend you.
An elder law attorney in High Point, NC
Jim believes that the biggest problem most clients face is uncertainty, whether that uncertainty is about the immediate problem facing them or future problems that they foresee. This is why it is important to have comprehensive advice from a professional who has helped thousands of individuals through similar situations, and who will dedicate himself and his team to solving and planning for today and tomorrow. Whether that uncertainty is about an injury, a lawsuit or a loved one suffering from a debilitating disease, you need someone on your side. Jim and his team are there for you.

James M. Snow

James M. Snow was first licensed to practice law in 1976, after graduating from the University of North Carolina law school, and has practiced continuously in private practice in High Point since that time. He is a member of several professional organizations including the North Carolina Bar Association and North Carolina Academy of Justice, and has published and lectured on various topics involving personal injury, workers’ compensation and elder law.

Sandra M. Skeen

Sandra M. Skeen has worked for several law firms as a paralegal since receiving her Associate in Applied Science – Paralegal Technology degree from Davidson County Community College in 1987, and has been a member of the James M. Snow law team for over 25 years.
You and your family don't deserve to suffer for another person's actions.  So, whether you need personal injury or elder law attorneys in the areas around High Point, NC, you can end your search now.  James M. Snow and his team have your back and will pursue your interests in court.

As your elder law attorneys work on your behalf, you and your loved ones can physically and emotionally recover from the trauma.  We'll do the rest.  Call our High Point, NC office at (336) 889-4024 to learn more or to schedule your initial consultation.  We will promptly give you the information and the direction you need.
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