Estate Planning, Estate Settlement and Estate Disputes

Estate planning, Settlement, and Dispute Resolution in High Point, NC

Estate planning

We don't simply sell documents. We sell our advice and experience to you. You need counseling to get through the transition ahead of you or your loved one with dignity. We start with the basic viewpoint that most clients need at least a durable power of attorney and health care power of attorney to enable others to act on their behalf in the event of incapacity. We also suggest wills for clients suited to their particular needs. Many individuals also wish to execute a living will in which they declare their desire for a natural death. Finally, a certain group of clients may also need either a living trust or a trust in their will to provide for the special needs of loved ones after they are gone. At James M. Snow law firm, we work to provide the right type of documents to fit your needs rather than fitting you to a standard set of documents.

Estate settlement

Settlement of an estate is carried out by a personal representative of the deceased. The personal representative for a decedent with a will is called an executor, while the personal representative for a decedent without a will is called an administrator. We work with the personal representative to see that the assets are gathered and managed, the debts and claims are paid and the estate is distributed to the heirs. Some personal representatives require more assistance than others. No matter how large or complex the estate, at James M. Snow law we will work with the personal representative and heirs to resolve the estate expeditiously and economically.
Man in need of Estate Planning in High Point, NC

Estate disputes

Estate disputes arise for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is a contest concerning the will, known as a caveat proceeding. In other instances, there are disputes among heirs, with creditors or with the government. At James M. Snow law, we work to resolve these matters by negotiation and settlement, but if we cannot get these matters resolved, we are prepared and ready to go to court. At our law firm, you have professionals who not only understand estate law but also understand how to prepare and try a case in court if that is necessary. If you anticipate that a dispute may arise in the settlement of an estate in which you are involved, don't you want someone on your side who is experienced in the court room as well as the office?
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