Asset Protection and Medicaid Planning

Asset protection and medicaid planning in High Point, NC

Fewer than 1% of all Americans are capable of funding all of the potential costs for long-term care should they have to reside in either an assisted living or nursing home facility for an extended period of time. For many individuals, Medicaid is necessary to pay such expenses. 
In order to obtain Medicaid, it is necessary for the elderly or disabled individual or someone acting on his or her behalf to apply through the local county Department of Social Services. 
Unfortunately, many elderly individuals and their loved ones do not understand all the rules and regulations concerning transferring or disposing of assets to qualify for Medicaid, and may endanger or delay the receipt of benefits by improper attempts to transfer property.

When you choose James M. Snow Law, you will always be assured

James M. Snow will discuss with the client and his or her family the requirements of the law and appropriate techniques for asset transfer and protection. Each case requires a unique approach, whether it involves a single elderly individual with only cash assets or an elderly married couple with substantial real estate assets. Mr. Snow prepares a comprehensive plan for the family, and makes sure that the family understands its duties and obligations before the Medicaid application is made. In addition, if necessary, he will go through the actual application with the family so that the correct responses are given at the time the application is actually made.
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